Why I Sleep In A Coffin – Charly Boy Explains

Nigerian music artist and well known professional biker by name Charly Boy (Area father) reveals why he sleeps in coffin sometimes.

On interview sessions between him and The Vanguard he revealed that he sometimes loves laying on coffin because has some many personal beneficiary reasons for him.

He lays on coffin whenever he wants to meditates as it helps him and reminds him that life is short and he should get up  be creative to leave a legacy behind.

He noted that coffin often reminds him that this life have an end because eventually everyone will be one day be bur!Ed with this same coffin.

He added that why he wear good clothes, eye glasses, shoes and cap before laying on it is because

Cap represent :legacy one is leaving behind in people’s heart not what they talk about you alone.

Shoe signifies : the struggles of life

Eye glasses signifes the vision and achievements of life.

Watch the video below


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