actor Taiwo Hassan
actor Taiwo Hassan

After what seems like a physical altercation between veteran Nollywood actor Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo, and his fan, he has opened up on the circumstances that led to the fight which happened on the streets of of Ilaro, Ogun state.

A video had gone viral online showing the actor engaging in a brawl with an unidentified man in the midst of a crowd, and afterwards getting into his car and driving away from the scene.

In reacting to the incident, Ogogo took to his Instagram page on Friday, June 24, 2022, to tell his own side of the story.

The action man, who was once a boxer, said he visited his hometown of Ilaro for a project inspection when some unknown fans approached him and demanded for money.

He said after parting with all the money he had on him, a greedy fan demanded for more and dragged his native attire ‘agbada’ in the process which resulted in his reaction.

Infuriated by the harassment, Ogogo engaged in a fisticuffs with the fan after he dared him to do his worst.

Narrating what happened, the actor said, “Before bloggers pick this up, let me tell my side of the story and the truth.”

He added, “I was in Ilaro, my own home town, for an inspection of a project, after which some unknown guys walked up to me for the normal appraisals. ‘We watch your movie’, ‘give up money, ‘We watched you all through our childhood’…All these as an actor we hear everyday.

“I offered all I had on me and one of them dragged me by my Agbada and demanded for an amount I can’t pay. I asked him to leave me, he said, ‘Do your worse’. The rest is story.”

“Do you pay anyone for doing your job? No. It’s our job too. Accept all we offer when we do. Remember, once a boxer, always a boxer,” he wrote.

Ogogo began his acting career in 1981, shortly after starting work as a mechanic. In 1994 he left his job at the water corporation to concentrate on acting.

Watch the video below:

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