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Over the weekend, Toke Makinwa blessed her fans with a new style inspiration to Owambes, however, her unequal hips size in the outfit got many talking.

It was reports that the media personality Toke Makinwa, who stepped out to a function in a beautifully tailored gold attire, adorned with a well-tied gold gele and clutch, got many of her fans wondering why her hips weren’t equally proportioned.

One Jade asked “Beautiful, but why are both hips not proportional? Asking for a friend”

One Amaka wrote “it is always her one and a half hips for me, beautiful dress by the way”

It was recalls sometime ago, media personality, Toke Makinwa revealed reasons why she went under the knife. 

According to her, she wanted to look good and curvy in tight-fitted dress noting that she doesn’t regret the decision. 

In her words, “Yes I worked on my body but my breast is real. I had a lip filler because I wanted to launch my lipstick brand but now I don’t think it is necessary.

“Also I enhanced my body after I got my fibroids removed. I did that because I wanted to feel better in clothes.

“I do not regret enhancing my body because it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I wanted to look curvy and I love it

Toke Makinwa further revealed that women do cosmetic surgery to look good for themselves and not to impress men.

According to the divorced media girl and serial entrepreneur via Twitter, disclosed the boob job and cosmetic surgery women undergo is not for men but for themselves. She also went further to add that women are doing things for themselves and not for the attention of men.

“That boob job is not for you, maybe she loves how her boobs look in cloths, that liposuction??? She wasn’t thinking of a man, she probably got tired of fighting fat that won’t shift. Women look good for themselves and not to impress men.

Overhead a couple of guys talking about women and cosmetic surgery, dear men, I know you love to think that the whole existence of a woman is to pursue you or try to live for you but pls take this from me, women are doing things to look good for themselves, it ain’t about you.”

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