Man offers Toyin Lawani 1million dollars to have his kids
Toyin Lawani

Most talked about celebrity stylist, and fashion designer Toyin Lawani has made a new revelation about her personal life.

The mum of three, while bragging about her kids’ talent, revealed how a man offered her a million dollars to have his kids.

According to Toyin, her womb is blessed. This is evident in the talent each of her kids possesses.

Sharing a video of her third child, Eleora, Toyin disclosed how her daughter would always go to her father anytime he took a photo of her, and they would have a conversation.

However, she surprised them when she took to the photo booth to pose by herself.

Bragging about her three kids, Toyin highlighted their qualities.

She disclosed that a man offered her a million dollars to have his kid for him because he saw how blessed her womb was.

“Don’t worry it was as shocking to me as to you,
Everytime her dad took a picture she would come to him and look at it and they would have a conversation.
Then this happened. She literally went there stood and pozed by herself. It’s in her blood ooo. Well all my kids are like this. @thereallordmaine is a Fashion lord
@therealtiannah fashion queen
And @kingtinukeeleora the upcoming fashion Goddess
My womb is blessed.
Now I see why one kan offered me 1million dollars to have his kid for him”.

It was recalls Toyin Lawani had left many speechless over her golden heart as she allowed her daughter, Atinuke’s nanny, to take over her space for her daughter’s birthday shoot.

Toyin Lawani had left no stone unturned for her daughter’s 1st birthday, on the 26th of August 2022.

The mother of three had been the talk of the internet as she set to prep her daughter in 30 outfits for her grand birthday.

Toyin Lawani shared a video of her daughter sitting pretty for her birthday shoot while she allowed her daughter’s nanny to take over her spot.

She penned an appreciation note to her daughter’s nanny, stating she was grateful for caring for her daughter despite having hers.

“This is my 1st time I won’t be able to be in my child’s shoot for her birthday shoot. Due to my condition, So I’m like, why not she do one with her nanny. That’s like her mommy too, na. My way of appreciating the woman, she’s got two kids aswell. It’s not easy leaving them to come to Lagos to care for another persons kid, they all also have struggles. When I took her with the 3nannies I took, I almost told her I didn’t need her and I told her to leave. She cried and said she had no hope or anywhere to go with time I realized she was actually best amongst them ,

A big thank you to all the wonderful Nannie’s all around the world, God bless you all for all you do. Even if we pay you well, I still understand it’s not easy showing genuine love and care for another man’s kid like yours. Well done.”

Nollywood actress Funke Akindele joined others to react to the post with heartwarming words, filled with tribute and prayers for Toyin Lawani.

In other news, Toyin Lawani awoke the emotions of many when she disclosed her traumatic experience after losing her fourth child.

The mother of three revealed that she had undergone numerous surgeries, including fibroid surgeries, arthritis, and others.

Contrary to how people viewed her quick recovery after her third child through surgery, Toyin Lawani revealed she had to get back on her feet because she hates showing weakness.

Toyin Lawani

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