For me, it’s not just about talent; acting is my ministry’ – Omowunmi Dada
Omowunmi Dada

It is expected that everyone who ventured into the industry for a reason best known to them.

However, for Nollywood actress, Omowunmi Dada, she is into movies not just because she has the talent but to her its her calling.

“I’ve always been passionate about art. For me, it’s not just about talent; it’s a ministry. I’m very intentional about the kind of scripts that I take, the kind of stories that I’m part of. I’ve turned down a lot of scripts. But the truth is, when you don’t know where you are going, everywhere will look like the way. But when you know where you are going, from the beginning of your career, you channel your path and you are very intentional about it. Sometimes, it looks like ‘what are you doing?’ But if you have a bigger picture in mind, you will definitely get there. Nothing good comes easy” she told The Sun in a recent interview.

As a lover of traditional movies, Omowunmi Dada speaks on Nigerian cultures.

Hear her: “Art and culture, film or music is a ministry for human emancipation, for telling stories and for changing the narrative. We are doing it one day at a time, and we will get better. Most importantly, it starts with you and I being intentional about the things that we do daily. “

Wondering what could make her reject a script, the multiple award winning actress said, “If I don’t believe in the story, if I don’t like the script itself and don’t believe in what it is preaching, I will turn it down. This is not a shade to any producer or director; I know that day-by-day we are getting better and telling better stories.”

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