Baba Ijesha plans appeal and seek for bail- Lawyer confirms
Baba Ijesha plans appeal and seek for bail- Lawyer confirms

A member of Baba Ijesha’s legal team, Babatunde Oridate, discloses that the actor intends to fight the terms of his prison sentence.

He added that the actor will undoubtedly request bail while the appeal is being decided.

Baba Ijesha was given a 16-year prison term for sexually assaulting a teenage girl who also happened to be Damilola Adekoya, called Princess, a comedian and actress.

We haven’t received copies of the ruling yet, Babatunde Oridate told Saturday Beats (from the court). We’ll examine it, consider our options, and file an appeal.

On if the judgment came as a surprise, he said, “Well, yes; some parts of the judgment came as a surprise, especially the conviction. We felt it ought not to be so.

“The prison sentence starts running from today (July 14, 2022) but we will weigh our options and take the necessary actions. If we get an appeal, we will definitely ask for bail, pending the determination of the appeal.”

On if he thinks the public condemnation of the actor contributed to his conviction, Oridate said, “If you listen to the preamble to the judgment, the court said that it was not made by what people have said on social media.

“When issues like this arise, we should all keep calm and refrain from making statements preempting the judgment of the court. Who convicts in the court of public opinion? The court will always weigh the evidence before it before arriving at its judgment. I don’t believe social media comments or condemnation influenced the judgment. The court restricted itself to the evidence placed before it.”

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